Clerk of the Superior Court

Mandatory eFiling for Attorneys in Superior Court Civil Cases is Here!

The Coconino County Superior Court has implemented a change to mandatory eFiling for attorneys, starting on April 1, 2019.  The Clerk of the Superior Court will continue to accept both hard copies and electronic filings (through the eFileAZ and AZTurboCourt eFiling applications) for civil case initiation and civil subsequent documents for filers who are not represented by an attorney.

 Please see the attached press release from the Arizona Supreme Court.  Remember that local rules require that a certificate of compulsory arbitration be filed at the time of case initiation.   Additionally, local rules also require that proposed orders are attached to the appropriate filings, such as motions.  All users of the efiling system are required to provide an email address that complies with the State Records Management System.   Email addresses that have only 2 characters prior to the domain name are not considered valid by the Records System.  Users of the efile applications will have the ability to file civil initiating and subsequent cases electronically, attach more than one lead document per submission, issue summons and subpoenas, generate the civil cover sheet, and offer additional functionality.  

eFiled training is offered by the Administrative Office of the Courts.  For information on available training dates and locations, please visit or contact the AOC Support Center at 602-452-3519 or 800-720-7743.  

Looking for a form or what was filed in a case?

The Law Library, located at the Coconino County Courthouse, has all types of forms for filing.  Public Access is a web site maintained by Arizona Supreme Court that tracks the filings in cases that are open to the public.  

Have a traffic citation or misdemeanor complaint?

The Clerk of the Superior Court does not routinely handle traffic citations or misdemeanor complaints.  Additionally, the Clerk's Office cannot see the records of other courts.  Please read your paperwork closely as the paperwork will identify the appropriate Justice or Municipal Court. Please see the list of courts for their contact information.   

Roles & Responsibilities

 The Clerk of the Superior Court's Office, which was established by the Arizona Constitution as one of several elected offices with specific and special duties, serves as the official record keeper and financial officer for the Superior Court. The functions of the Clerk of the Court are far-reaching, satisfying more than 500 state statutes and court rules. Among the roles that the Clerk of the Superior Court's Office was created to perform are:

  • Provide the public, court, media, and the legal community access to all records of the Superior Court in Coconino County
  • Attend each Superior Court session to record the actions of the court
  • Be the first stop in initiating a Superior Court action in civil, criminal, juvenile, probate, adoption, or domestic relations matters
  • Collect and disburse court-ordered fees, fines, and victim restitution in an expedient manner
  • Receive, distribute, and preserve official court documents
  • Store exhibits for all court cases
  • Issue and record marriage licenses
  • Process all records in juvenile dependency, delinquency, severance, and adoption cases
  • Process passport applications
  • Act as Jury Commissioner to establish a pool of jurors for trial in Superior Court and Justice Court cases, and for grand jury for the Superior Court and State Court