Criminal Division

  1. Felony Charging

    Felony Charging provides timely charging of cases and decision making to prepare the case for successful prosecution. In-service training is provided to law enforcement agencies to assist with accurate, effective, and thorough investigation of cases. Cases are presented to the Grand Jury and in preliminary hearings in the Justice Court.

  2. Felony Prosecution

    Felony Prosecution processes cases once they have been charged. Successful prosecution can include trial, a negotiated plea agreement with adherence to strict guidelines, or participation in a diversion or drug court program.

  3. Misdemeanor Prosecution

    Misdemeanor Prosecution manages, on average, 2600 cases each year. These cases are moved through the court system by offering a plea, going to trial, or offering deferred prosecution programs. Prosecutors appear in Flagstaff Justice Court, Page Justice Court, Fredonia Justice Court, and Williams Justice Court.

  4. Juvenile Justice

    Juvenile Justice reviews referrals from juvenile probation on crimes committed by juveniles. Decisions are made based upon severity of crime, recidivism, and other factors as to whether to file a petition, defer prosecution, or not file on the juvenile.