Coconino County Sheriff's Office Specialty Units

  1. Air Operations (pdf)

    Discover how the Sheriff's Office Air Operations provide effective service to the community.

  2. Boat Patrol

    Learn about how the Boat Patrol Program began and what its functions are now.

  3. Cold Case Unit

    Find out how many cold cases there are in Coconino County and how they are treated.

  4. Dive Team

    View information on how the Dive Team originated and its roles and responsibilities now.

  5. K9 Unit

    Discover how K-9 teams assist Sheriff’s Office personnel in doing their jobs.

  6. METRO

    Obtain information about METRO, our street crimes task force aimed at addressing the threat of drugs in our community.

  7. Mounted Unit (pdf)

    Read about the roles and responsibilities of the Mounted Unit, composed of deputies and civilian volunteers.

  8. Tactical Team

    Check out the process behind joining the SWAT / Tactical Team and how job duties are performed.